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Jewish heritage tours in central Europe & tour to Poland

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Luxury Jewish heritage toursFor one thousand years, Poland was the cradle of Jewish civilization, and even today, the majority of world Jewry can claim their ancestral roots there.

At Poland Jewish Heritage Tours, we believe that this great Ashkenazi legacy must be retained as a vital dimension of contemporary Jewish life, and it is our sincere privilege to make it accessible to you through our distinctive and much-lauded cultural tours.

Poland Jewish Tours showcases a millennium of Jewish history through visits to historical sites; participation in genealogical field research about family histories; celebrations of religious and secular traditions; meetings with Jewish leaders, politicians and the media; and outings to cultural events and historic commemorations such as Yom HaShoah and the annual April 19th ceremony honoring the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.  Heritage Travel

A Revival of Jewish Culture in Poland

Today, Jewish culture in Poland is experiencing an incredible renaissance, and we can offer you front-row seats to witnessing and participating in the exciting events that comprise this unprecedented cultural revival, from the summer Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, which is the largest festival of its kind in the world, to the autumn literary festival in Warsaw, which celebrates the anniversary of Isaac Bashevis Singer's birthday.

Jewish Tours in PolandPeople who have participated in similar trips with the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture, the founder of  Poland Jewish Heritage Tours, often describe their experiences as deeply moving and even life-changing. California film producer Susan Libitzky said that seeing Poland "through Tad Taube's eyes and experiencing Poland through his vision and passion was a most special opportunity." The experience allowed her to "expand her thinking, be inspired, and meet exceptional people."

Poland Jewish Heritage Tours
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Poland Jewish Heritage Tours
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