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Poland Jewish Heritage Tours offers you a Facebook site on which to share your travel experiences and photographs.

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If you are not a part of Facebook, you can join and/or you can also share your experiences on our colleagues' site, called Conversation Maps, see link and description below.


Travel in "Jewish Poland" requires listening as much as looking. By sharing a range of diverse voices on the website- both Jewish and Polish - conversationmaps aims to present a clearer lay of the land, to enlarge and reorient our views of both internal and external landscapes.

Jewish? Heritage? in Poland? presents and solicits voices. Whether you are about to travel to Poland, are in the midst of a trip or have already returned, we welcome you to read, listen, think, question and contribute.


Contribute your own thoughts or feelings about Jewish heritage in Poland. Please send us an email and we will contact you with instructions on how to contribute content. We will curate selected submissions in our online gallery.
Poland Jewish Heritage Tours
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Poland Jewish Heritage Tours
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